Electro 35 is the epitome of electrified orchestral folk, combing the intricate acoustic guitar work and simple vocal melodies of singer/songwriter John Fellman and Hope Lombardo with the virtuosic talent of Rob DeWidt on 5-string electric violin and sweet, dulcet bass lines by Matthew Carey and the rhythmic backing of Chad Wardwell.



Electro 35 came together initially just as Matt and John working on some old songs for a simple EP. Rob saw on facebook that they were practicing one day and just showed up (apparently John once told him he would love to play with Rob any time when they had met years earlier). That simple EP turned into their first album, Loose Ends. They have since recorded 2 albums (yet unreleased) and added Chad Wardwell (their sound engineer) as the drummer, and Hope Lombardo as a second vocalist. The music has evolved from simple folk to near rock with metal influences.  It continues to evolve, but retains it’s own spirit that can only be called “Electrified Orchestral Folk.”